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The attention of the Bayelsa State Government has been drawn to an unabashed and misleading piece written by one Ebi Jamaica and published in a number of online platforms to the effect the Bayelsa State Governor, His Excellency, Senator Douye Diri is dividing the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the State based on some unverified and bogus assumptions. In that unscrupulous piece, Mr. Jamaica also belaboured the fact to claim that the governor is ungrateful to those who worked for his victory at the 2019 governorship election, especially the immediate past governor, Senator Seirake Dickson.

Ordinarily, one would have ignored the wolf cry of Mr. Jamaica but the State Government likes to volunteer this rebuttal because the writer’s political henchman position might mislead the unsuspecting members of the public and polarize the PDP.

There is no evidence in Mr. Jamiaca’s bad-intentioned publication to sustain the claim of disagreement between the Bayelsa State Governor, Senator Douye Diri, his government and his predecessor in office Senator Seriake Dickson. Rather, his parlous position is rooted in baseless beer parlour gossip.

In the contrary, these two great sons of our state have continued to enjoy harmonious relationship based on mutual respect and in the best interest of our state. The Governor has continued to demonstrate good faith and is appreciative to the fingers of God used in making him governor and eternally grateful to God for his elevation.

If anything, it is Mr. Jamaica that seeks to divide the party along the line of the former APC members and old PDP members, loyalists of Senator Douye Diri, the Governor and loyalists of Senator Seriake Dicksion, due to his lack of tact and shallow understanding of party politics and governance.

In the last two years, the Governor has committed to unifying the party by insisting that every party man has equal right. He has also invested a lot of time and energy at bringing back members who defected to other parties and assuaged the concerns of stakeholders, thus fortifying the party.

The governor has also continued to preach peace and unity among our people and succeeded at engendering convivial relationship between contending political groups and communities in the state.

Therefore, how can any discerning person come to the conclusion that the unifying efforts of the governor will divide the party?

Even though, his write-up seemed more like a classic in mischief, we want to believe that Mr. Jamaica is unnecessarily over excited about the ongoing usual political frenzy associated with party nomination. If his claim of being a long-standing party stakeholder is genuine, then Mr. Jamaica should have known better. Let him and others who share his unfounded view know that there is no cause for alarm.

Governor Douye Diri will not only continue to work for peace, unity and wellbeing of the state, but also ensure that party politics is done in the best democratic tradition without imposition of candidates.

For the avoidance of doubt, in and out of politics, His Excellency, Senator Douye Diri’s credentials as a man of peace who is committed to unity are well-known. He is a grateful leader. He has not and will not change.


Hon Ayibaina Duba

Hon. Commissioner for Information, Orientation & Strategy

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