The department is the livelier of the Ministry, essentially keeps video and pictorial preserves of the Government of Bayelsa State from creation to date as a repository department in the Ministry of Information, Orientation and Strategy for reference purposes. The department is also saddled with the responsibility of carrying out Public Orientation and Public Enlightenment campaigns of government policies and programmes to the governed with six (6) units the Department is made up of.


The various units and their functions/duties are as follows:

Film Production Elect, News Gathering (ENG) and Editing Unit: This unit’s function is to gather news electronically with video camera, edit, produce films and documentaries for preservation for reference purposes.

Photographic Division (Still Camera): The function of this unit is basically to take official pictures of government events, for preservation and for press publication for references.

Public Address System(PAS) and Maintenance Unit: This unit’s function is to cover government programmes wherever there is a state function etc. Also, maintains PAS equipment when faulty.

Production Unit (Graphics): This unit is saddled with the responsibility of layout and designs, to produce Banners, Calendar, Almanac, Billboards and Handbills, etc.

Marine Unit: The marine unit is purely water transport movement where speed boats are being provided for information dissemination tot he riverine communities.

Orientation: This unit is saddled with the responsibility of carrying out Public Enlightenment and awareness campaigns, Orient (educate0 public on government programmes and policies

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