The Strategy Department is one of the Seven (7) Departments in the Ministry of Information, Orientation and Strategy.
The Duties and Responsibilities of the Department consist of the following:

  1. Develops and implements strategies that satisfy the objectives of individual departments in promoting the overall corporate goals.
  2. Designs action plans for government policy programmes publicity
  3. Monitors media houses and react to negative report with a view to correcting such and put government view in perspective.
  4. Obtains feedbacks on Government programme for effective follow-up plans on Government Communication.
  5. Evaluates feedback for Effective future or immediate plans on Government Communication.
  6. Identify obstacles or barriers impeding delivering on effective dissemination of information and design appropriate.
  7. Develops approaches capable of overcoming identified obstacles.
  8. Designs publicity template for specific government policy programme to generate public understanding, support and buy-in.
  9. Ensures timely intervention to enquires on government programme and Policies with the sole objective of sustaining the good image of Government
  10. Reduces government programmes and policies to digestible forms using the various instruments of publicity.
  11. Develops Training programme for Staff and keep them abreast with government policies with a view to empowering them to be effective communicators to the various publics.
  12. Any other responsibilities that may be required of the Department from time to time.

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