“We face many obstacles, but we are an indomitable people. It is our prayer that God will grant us wisdom, favour and insight to hidden treasures to make this possible timeously.”

“With your partnership we will create the conducive environment that will attract investors and tourists and allow our people to participate in the prosperity for all.”

“We will diversify our economy, create sustainable jobs to engage our youths and explore alternative sources of improving our internally generated revenue. If we look inwards, the buds of change that have opened since we took over government will begin to yield fruit.”

“As a government, we will continue to make the responsible choices and take the tough decisions that will enhance our quest for a prosperous state. We are conscious that the decisions we make today have far-reaching implications for generations yet unborn. It is a responsibility we take very conscientiously. Therefore we cannot afford to abdicate our duty.”

‘’The dream of our founding fathers is not an Ijaw of disunity, acrimony and hatred. It is an Ijaw of unity, love, development and for Ijaw land to be a tourist attraction. That is the divine mission you and I have today.’’

“Today is February 14th, a day of love. As a government, we bring the message of love to you… primarily we are brothers and sisters from Bayelsa State and our creed, is to serve.”

“We have been preaching love in Bayelsa State. Where they bring hatred, show them love. It is only in peace we can develop our great State… our priority is to improve the quality of lives of every Bayelsan and build a State that we all will be proud of, irrespective of our political affiliations.”

“I am determined not to play politics with the issues of development, but to bring everyone together in the task of achieving prosperity for all residents of the State… indeed, the prosperity of Bayelsa State is not negotiable.”

"The sacrifices we make and the seeds we sow today will yield a sustainable harvest that will make Bayelsa truly the glory of all lands and put us on an irreversible track of desirable development."

"Our ambition is to diversify the economy, prioritise education, empower our youths to embrace agriculture to industrialise our state ,upscale tourism, promote trade and investment, protect the vulnerable, create jobs and bring prosperity to all."

"It is true that anticipated funds are often inadequate to satisfy every one of our desires as a state but if together we trust in a common vision and avoid division there are no boundaries to what we can accomplish for the state."

"Let me assure the people of Bayelsa state that this executive council will do everything within it's reach and enablement to ensure that our state will grow from strength to strength."

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