The Planning, Research and Statistics Department mandate is not information dissemination and management, but handles other critical functions.

The department has four (4) units namely; Planning, Research, Statics and Procurement Unit to carry out its functions.

The units and functions are as follows:


  • Coordinate other departments of the ministry and parastatals in the preparation of the annual budget.
  • Liaise with budget office.
  • Maintenance of ministry tender board secretariat.
  • Coordinate all matters relating to parastatals of the ministry.
  • In charge of implementation, monitoring, evaluation and reporting of projects of the ministry.


  • In charge of the ministry/parastatal database.
  • Archival activities of the ministry.
  • Identify the training needs and coordinate training and retraining programs of the professional departments of the ministry.
  • Provision, maintenance and running of the ministry library.
  • Profiling.


  • In charge of statistical evaluation of the ministry programs and the parastatals.
  • Collection and Collation of data of completed, uncompleted and outstanding jobs of the ministry and parastatals.
  • In charge of the statistical evaluation of both professional and non-professional staff of the ministry.


  • In charge of implementation of guidelines for due process of award of contracts, utilisation of capital and recurrent vote of the ministry, parastatals.
  • Certification of contracts.
  • To carry out price intelligent functions to guide the budget.

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