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…calls for full circle cleanup of oil spill affected area in Nembe

“The Nigerian Federal House of Representatives is one I belong to, and at all times I will always show myself as being part of you. I am happy that today you finally came, the relevant committee is here to see things for themselves. I have been expecting this visit, but it’s better late than never.

I would have been very happy if you visited the place when the spill was on.

The people’s source of livelihood is gone, the flora and fauna are gone.

Our people went through militancy, we are gradually bringing back peace, and now witnessing this type of thing, and Nigeria do not sympathize and do not empathize, then we begin to question why? But I want to take solace in the fact that you are here today.

Let me repeat my call to NEMA, the magnitude of that disaster is such that requires the immediate attention of NEMA if we truly still belong to Nigeria. Our people are traditionally fishermen, so when you pollute the waters and kill aquatic life, you have indirectly killed the people.

Let me again call on all the oil companies, and all federal government agencies, to immediately move into phase two. Our fight was first to stop the spill, and that has been achieved, even though it took too long, and now the second phase is to ensure a full circle cleanup and remediation of that environment, thereafter we will move to the third phase. Thank you for coming.”

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