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…Gov. Diri Commissions Alamieyeseigha’s statue…thanks Bayelsa lawmaker for transforming NDU roundabout in Amassoma

…admonishe leaders to shun politics of hatred and bitterness

“Let me personally appreciate the Honourable member. This is what we expect from other representatives. We know the economy is very difficult but the little you can, please contribute to the development of the people you are representing.

So, thank you Hon. Felix Bonny Ayah, you have set a pace.

“I like to appreciate the Amassoma community, Southern Ijaw Local Government, the Chairman, Vice and all others, who have put this together to ensure that the memories of our departed hero, will continue to live on.

Having said that, for us, late DSP Alamieyeseigha meant so much to all of us, particularly those of us, who are Bayelsans. Today should be a day for us to reflect about the life and times of Alamieyeseigha. To some, he was a father, an uncle, a friend, a giver, and he was a lover.

However, the politics of our State has been fought with hatred and bitterness, that has divided us rather than unite us. I want to observe today, that as we remember this hero, let that politics of hatred, bitterness and division leave us in this State. Let us look at the positive side of DSP Alamieyeseigha. We have to be united using Chief DSP Alamieyeseigha as a point of contact.”

~Senator Douye Diri, Governor of Bayelsa State, speaking at the 6th Annual Memorial Anniversary of Late Chief DSP Alamieyeseigha and commissioning of his statue at the Niger Delta University (NDU) Roundabout, Amassoma.

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