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It is often said that ‘Nurse’ is “just another word to describe a person strong enough to tolerate anything and soft enough to understand anyone,” due to the commitment of nurses to patients support and comfort. That is, nurses provide healthcare services to all and sundry, ranging from observing/examining vital signs, caring and administering drugs to patients, including assisting doctors perform their duties effectively.

Thus, as an age long profession on par with the existence of humanity, nurses have always been at the fore-front tending to the needs of patients, be it at home, hospitals, pharmacies, schools, as well as areas of pandemic outbreaks, irrespective of locations and risks involved.

They are therefore worth celebrating, as May 12, annually is observed to celebrate the founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale, born on May 12, 1820. Irrespective of her status as the daughter of wealthy British parents, Florence dared the social practices that regarded nursing then as an undignified profession for ladies of her status.

She selflessly cared for the sick of all classes, war casualties, and improved hygiene standards in hospitals, which earned her the name the Angel of the Crimea, by the wounded soldiers she saved during the 1853 Crimea war between France, Britain and Russia.

Nurses all over the word are therefore viewed from the lenses of Florence Nightingale, as they uphold their motto; “Every day is one more accomplishment,” by being humble, polite, yet prompt and diligent in their call to save lives.

However, they face increasing assaults from impatient patients and families and some die on the line of duty. They therefore need public and government understanding and support in all ramifications, especially those on the frontline of outbreaks, to ensure their safety and improved welfare.

Happy Nurses Day.

Mokonto A Thomas,

Min. of Information, Orientation and Strategy

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