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…thanks Ebenibe of Epie, council of chiefs, others

“This is an avenue to unite our people, for our people to come together and pass on the oral tradition of this age long festival and ceremony.

There are a lot of youths who may not understand our culture and heritage, and in this event there will be a rich display of our culture and heritage, and it will continue to move from one generation to the other.

Therefore, I will like to first of all appreciate the Ebenibe of Epie Kingdom, King Malla Sasime, his Council of Traditional Rulers, and the leadership of the Epie Kingdom.

I thank the people of Epie Kingdom for their overwhelming support from when this government started up until today. Together, we will join our hands and develop our land, particularly Yenagoa, our state capital, which is the mirror to our state.”

~Sen. Douye Diri, Governor of Bayelsa State, speaking at this year’s Obunem Epie Festival held at Okutukutu, Yenagoa.

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