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This 11-Year-Old Just Made Chess History in Nigeria

I have stayed in the background watching as things unfold in the women’s section of the 2023 Nigeria Chess Championship and one competitor stood out above the rest—an 11-year-old named Deborah Quickpen.

Tried going through her first three games, analyzing her thought process and i quickly deduced she’s special with natural talent and strategic mind.

Well, fast forward to this past week and Deborah dominated the women’s section of the Nigeria national championship. Her first loss felt like a wake up call. Going into the final round, she had 8.5 of her 10 games. All she needed was a draw to clinch the title. But this little girl didn’t settle—she went for the win.

At age 11, Deborah is now the youngest person ever to win this national title finishing with 9.5/11. She broke the record of Olatunji Oluwatobi (Oloruntola) who won at 14.

This story gives me chills and hope for the future of Chess in Nigeria. I can’t wait to see how far this incredible 11-year-old will go.

Deborah Quickpen Notable Achievements

At age 9, Deborah was Under 10 African Chess Champion 2021

At age 11, She’s crowned Nigeria Chess Champion 2023.

I shall take some time to learn more of her accomplishments. In the meantime, Share her story and let her inspire others.

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