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Government wishes to remind the general public that the Urban Renewal Programme is on course. Consequently, traders along the Etegwe/Tombia Roundabout, who still adamantly display their wares under canopies there, are hereby ordered to vacate by midnight of today, Monday, 24th May, 2021.

Failure to comply may lead to seizure of their goods and canopies as well as possible arrest and prosecution.

Furthermore, traders who continue to trade at the prohibited areas around Swali Market, despite several notices are advised to desist. Incidentally, there are still 650 unoccupied stalls at the Market.

Government therefore considers traders refusal to heed notices as a deliberate attempt to sabotage the urban renewal programme. This is an offence under our laws.

Henceforth, Taskforce will arrest defaulters impound their wares, and prosecute them.

Traders are encouraged to copy the exemplary conduct of their colleagues at Okaka Market, who accepted the reforms and reorganized their market in line with government directive without resistance.

The resolve to pursue the urban renewal project to logical conclusion is unperturbed, the earlier we all cooperate with government the sooner we will reap the benefit of an orderly city.

Hon Ayibaina Duba,

Commissioner, Information, Orientation and Strategy.

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