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…Finance Commissioner admonishes Bayelsans to criticise constructively

…made clarifications on loan issues

“As citizens of Bayelsa State, we agree that it is the right of every citizen to make a constructive criticism, and where people are not cleared with certain facts, it’s appropriate that we seek clarification.

The State Government has not collected the 10billion loan for agriculture to develop the oil palm estate and the N8 bln agric loan for plantain, cassava and rice cultivation.

So, let us not go around raising issues about monies that has not been collected. Monies that has not been collected cannot be misappropriated, this can be checked with the Central Bank of Nigeria CBN, if they have availed Bayelsa State of this facilities.

And let it be cleared that, the government of Senator Douye Diri, is too responsible to collect loan from CBN and not do anything with that money. This government is focused and we owe the citizens of the State to apply whatever fund we received in the most transparent manner possible.

Nothing has been received, nothing has been spent.”

~Mr. Maxwell Ebibai, Hon. Commissioner for Finance, Bayelsa State, speaking at the Bayelsa Government Transparency Briefing for the month of July/August, at the Treasury House, Onopa, Yenagoa.

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