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‘Jesus Resurrection Rekindles Hope’

The season of Easter affords yet another opportunity for Christians all over the world to reflect on the purpose of the sacrificial death of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus.

Importantly, His resurrection and defeat of death rekindles hope for everyone that believes in Him.

As we reflect on the essence of this significant season, I urge all Christians, Nigerians, and, indeed, the people of Bayelsa State to rededicate themselves to the lessons of our Saviour’s death and resurrection. This should manifest in love towards fellow man, peaceful co-habitation and ensuring our unity as a people is preserved.

Our country is going through challenging times at the moment. Easter is therefore a time not to despair but a season to renew hope of a better future for Nigeria and Bayelsa in particular.

This is the faith of our Prosperity Administration. We are therefore focused on our developmental agenda for our state.

In times of great distress as now, what is required is an unyielding faith and the stoic courage to confront and surmount challenges. With our faith anchored on Christ, we remain resolute in our pursuit to change the developmental narrative of our state.

I wish Bayelsans and all men of goodwill a Happy Easter!

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