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… Gov. Diri inaugurates Dise Ogbise as chairman, Charges team to work with the law

Bayelsa State Governor, Senator Douye Diri, has inaugurated gender advocate and lawyer, Dise Ogbise, as Chairman of the State Gender Response Initiative Team (GRIT) alongside other members.

Gov. Diri said,”There is a cultural belief in Nigeria that is socially acceptable to hit a woman and discipline a spouse, cases of domestic violence is on the rise and shows no sign of abating in Nigeria and even in our dear State, Bayelsa and this is regardless of age, tribe, religion and social status.

And that was why as your government, the Prosperity government took office, one of those issues that we challenged was the domestication of this law. And today, we are here to inaugurate the team that will be working with all the relevant Ministries, Departments, Agencies in particular the Ministry of human Affairs, Health, Justice and all relevant MDAs.

So, today, we inaugurate the following:

1. Barr. Dise Ogbise: Chairman.

2. Maria Olodi-Osumah: Deputy Chairman.

3. Mr. Inatimi Odio: Secretary.

4. Dr. (Engr. ) Anne Obuebite: member.

5. Dr. Omietimi James: member.

6. Dr. Arubiosou Ebimobowei: member.

7. Barr. Deme Pamoso: member.

8. Lady Perekebina Berezi: member.

9. Dr. Juliet Teibowei: member.

10. Mrs. Blessing Komonibo: member.

11. Mary Accrah Bekowei: member.

12. Yemi Atotu: member.

13. SP Grace Richman: member.

14. Hajia Miriam Abeki: member.

5. Rosemary Oweifawari: member.

16. Bogofanyo Perekebina: member.

17. Mr. Panebi Jacob: member.

18. Mrs. Felicia Owei: member.

“Your job is enormous, it is a task that has been viewed from the perspective abuse only on the females but there are also silent abuses on the males. I charge you to work in unism, your’s to ensure that you implement this law”.

~Senator Douye Diri, Governor of Bayelsa State, speaking during the inauguration of Chairman and Members of Bayelsa State Gender Response Initiative Team (GRIT), Government House, Yenagoa.

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